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Nucleus Construction has a wealth of knowledge and experience that we put to work for you. Our balanced approach begins with sitting down and asking questions to determine if our partnership is the right fit, as well as determining your needs. We then develop a plan that balances form and function, creating a finished product that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


What are we all about?

What are
we all about?

  • We consult, design, then create your project - our services run the gamut.
  • We bring more to the table with our extensive background in construction, design, real estate, and property investment.
  • From start to finish, we come alongside clients to guide them through the entire process, standing behind our results.
  • Integrity and Quality: We surround ourselves with good, honest, talented craftsmen who hold themselves to the same high standards, every day.
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Discuss & Develop


Sometimes all our clients need is a point in the right direction. Together, we can sit down to discuss your options and develop a cohesive plan that balances your budget and needs. Feel confident from the beginning, knowing you have a person by your side who has completed hundreds of major real estate projects, each one just as important as the next.


Project Management

We know where you’re at because we’ve been there, too. Our experience and application of Value Engineering principles means that we’re able to systematically look at your project, identify areas for improvement, while reducing costs, Let us put our knowledge to work for you, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

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Your best move is involving Nucleus Construction from the very start. We have years of real world design experience, creating timeless designs for both our own real estate investments and other people’s projects. We don’t push our agenda or personal preference guiding you to the ideal balance of form and function. This prevents costly mistakes and delivers a look that stands the test of time. We’ve worked with a wide range of styles, materials and environments, from desert to lakefront, urban modern to mountain retreat. The result is a finished product that is attractive, works as intended. Ultimately, it’s your space... why not truly love it?

high level of service

new construction

A structure must protect against the elements, provide a space to live, work, rest, and entertain, year after year, and often generation after generation. It also needs to meet your own taste in design and square with your budget requirements. You should also expect a high level of service from the people you hire to build your home or business. Whether your plans are big or small, we can deliver a turn-key product that’s customized to meet your specific needs at an optimal price point (we don’t waste time and resources on stuff that doesn’t work.

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changes for better accomodation


Why move if you don’t have to? Let us help you re-imagine your existing home into how it should be, not how it was built. In most cases, we can meet your needs with changes to better accommodate the way you live now. Need a more usable floor plan? A more functional kitchen? A master suite that feels less run-of-the-mill? We’ve got the experience and qualifications as a remodeling contractor to make your home fit the way you live.

partner for improvements


Times change, family needs change, and Nucleus Construction is your partner for additions that improve the size, look, and feel of your home. Mother-In-Law suites, additional bedrooms, or expansions can give your home an estate feel with a richer look. We use your environment to best advantage, creating additions that are often impossible to detect, appearing to be original to the home. Let us craft a seamless addition for you.

real estate ventures

Top-notch realtors

real estate ventures

When it comes to real estate investment, we understand that you want the biggest bang for your buck. We know what makes you money, it’s been our business for years. As a company, we’ve purchased and sold over 350 of our own investment properties. We understand and respect the risks involved because we’ve been there ourselves. We have the ability to find the property, project, or building that best suits your budget and portfolio, then identify opportunities to maximize value to the benefit of you, the investor. We work with top-notch realtors who get the job done effectively and in a timely manner.

honest recommendations


Our experience extends beyond the neighborhood and into the business realm. We’ve built, renovated and invested in commercial properties for years and we’re ready to put our knowledge to work for your operation. Tenant improvements, facade facelifts, facility updates, security systems, vaults, reinforced storage, to name a few — you can trust us to complete the project with a balanced approach. We know what’s at stake.

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high-end works of art

custom fixtures

Our handmade, artisanal fixtures are the perfect fit because they’re specifically designed and built for your space. These high-end works of art are often uniquely created, completing the look and giving your home or office a one-of-a-kind feel.

work for your operation

Pre-purchase Inspections

Before you purchase a property, call us. Our pre-purchase consultation lets you see a property’s true potential so you know what you’re getting into before you sign on the dotted line. We provide this service to our clients to lend our expert insight and discuss the vision you have for the property’s potential. Our honest assessment, opinions, and recommendations will include a rough estimate of the expenditure required to bring the property up to your specifications. This process alleviates much of the worry and stress related to the purchase.

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succeeded where others have failed

Completing Contractor

Do you have a project that has fallen behind? Have your started a project on your own and need help? Does your current general contractor make promises they can’t keep? No worries! Call us. We succeed where others have failed. We can step in, assess the situation, map out a clear direction to get your project back on track and finished in a timely manner. Time is money. Some projects are beyond what the typical contractor can handle; this is where we shine.

ensure and restore

property restoration

When the unexpected happens, the last thing you need is more uncertainty. Trust the Nucleus Construction team to restore your property to its original condition. We work with your insurance company to ensure details are not forgotten and provide you with peace of mind.

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you dream it, we can do it.

Outdoor Environments

The spaces that surround your home should meet the same high standards of comfort and style you expect on the inside. We take the time to learn how you want to enjoy your yard. We can enhance your property’s curb appeal and create the backyard of your dreams — where every weekend feels like a vacation. You dream it, we can do it.

work for your operation

High Security Options

Your safety is our priority. We have the knowledge and know-how to secure your belongings and the people who mean the most to you. We have experience with the banking industry, as well as residential security installments and reinforcement.

  • Safes and walk-in Vaults
  • Safe Rooms
  • Bullet Proofing
  • Superior Quality Alarms
  • Video - Hard Drives
  • Securing of Main Electrical Panels
  • Back-Up Power
  • Banks and Institutional Services


what our clients think

  • “Nucleus Construction added courtyards to our front and back yards as well as a complete kitchen and bath remodel that included new flooring throughout. With a party scheduled, Nucleus was able to meet our tight timetable. We found this company to be very creative, frequently offering several alternatives and always fair pricing. Their workers were friendly and good to work with. Overall, our experience with Ray Fay and the Nucleus team was delightful.”

    - Allen C, Van Tuyl Group

  • “Ray and his team completely transformed our Master bedroom and bath into a beautiful space. He continually offered wonderful design ideas and guidance throughout the project. We remained living in our our home throughout the construction and they made it as easy on us as possible.”

    - Rich M, Attorney at Law Office of Richard J. Murphy, PLC

  • “We’ve contracted with Ray and Nucleus Construction to complete several, extremely detailed projects in our home. Ray’s talent for executing clean, modern design was exactly what we needed, as our vision involved elements outside the scope of most contractors’ expertise. During our most recent project, we entrusted Nucleus to work in our home while we were away. It was great to come home to a gorgeous, finished product that we can be proud of.”

    - Chad and Sophia L.

  • “I have always enjoyed working with Ray because he is a man of his word and a hard worker. He produces quality work and can be trusted to get the job done as promised. You can count on Ray and his team to pay attention to detail and do things correctly. They do not cut corners.”

    - Cody C, Architectual Designer at Cody Designs

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