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Building a new home is an exciting time for some, and a stressful time for others. It is often times a family’s biggest investment, and that leads to expectations. Finding a contractor who not only understands those expectations, but has a track record of exceeding those expectations should be the first step to a new home.

Your new home is not just a roof over your head, but also happy place that provides you a space where you can live, work, rest, and entertain guests for years to come.

The renowned team of Scottsdale custom home builders at Nucleus Construction has you covered from start to finish. and beyond.

Communication is key

With our extensive experience in residential and commercial acquisition, design, construction, and the real estate industry, we at Nucleus fully understand the importance of communication between our team and our clients.

When building custom homes in Scottsdale AZ, our first meetings consist of thoroughly understanding your needs, lifestyle, and goals and during this phase suggest the best possible concept and solution to deliver not only form, but function to your home. When you trust the construction of your new home to Nucleus, we will do our best to provide a smooth process and a beautiful outcome, every time.

To make sure that everything our team of Scottsdale custom home builders does is in keeping with your vision, we will ask you questions that are vital to the project before assuming. We will leave no stone unturned with questions that cover everything from home design to your budget. We take your answers to heart, and from those answers, our team will develop a detailed and deliberate plan in order to meet all your requirements for your new home.

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what our clients think

  • “Nucleus Construction added courtyards to our front and back yards as well as a complete kitchen and bath remodel that included new flooring throughout. With a party scheduled, Nucleus was able to meet our tight timetable. We found this company to be very creative, frequently offering several alternatives and always fair pricing. Their workers were friendly and good to work with. Overall, our experience with Ray Fay and the Nucleus team was delightful.”

    - Allen C, Van Tuyl Group

  • “Ray and his team completely transformed our Master bedroom and bath into a beautiful space. He continually offered wonderful design ideas and guidance throughout the project. We remained living in our our home throughout the construction and they made it as easy on us as possible.”

    - Rich M, Attorney at Law Office of Richard J. Murphy, PLC

  • “We’ve contracted with Ray and Nucleus Construction to complete several, extremely detailed projects in our home. Ray’s talent for executing clean, modern design was exactly what we needed, as our vision involved elements outside the scope of most contractors’ expertise. During our most recent project, we entrusted Nucleus to work in our home while we were away. It was great to come home to a gorgeous, finished product that we can be proud of.”

    - Chad and Sophia L.

  • “I have always enjoyed working with Ray because he is a man of his word and a hard worker. He produces quality work and can be trusted to get the job done as promised. You can count on Ray and his team to pay attention to detail and do things correctly. They do not cut corners.”

    - Cody C, Architectual Designer at Cody Designs

Our Team

Our Team

Once we break ground on your new home construction, you can rest assured that the team is a respected, well-educated group who knows what it takes to get the job done right, the first time. Our team of custom home builders in Scottsdale is made up of engineers, designers, and craftsmen who will be working together from the very start, as they have done for a long list of clients we’ve had in the past. With their combined expertise and experience working together, our entire construction team will deliver a turn-key product that strikes a balance between form and function, and in accordance with your wishes.

Since 1999, Nucleus Construction has been providing clients the best new home construction Scottsdale AZ has to offer. Aside from our expertise and experience in actual construction work, we also take pride in our partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers, both of whom are instrumental to the success of any project in Scottsdale and surrounding areas.

While we are luxury home builders Scottsdale AZ residents have come to trust, it’s fair to concede that none of our projects would get off the ground smoothly if we hadn’t cultivated years of relationships with county planners, reviewers, and inspectors. Our ability to work well with authorities, combined with our strict adherence to building codes and other government requirements, guarantees a smooth and speedy permit and inspection process for our projects.

No surprises

One thing that often mars new home construction projects is unforeseen issues that can severely impact their schedules as well as their budgets. While it’s true that surprises in construction work are unavoidable, we at Nucleus Construction do our very best to minimize them.

Throughout the construction process, we will present all possible options to you. If we need to take any action that will unavoidably affect the project cost or schedule, we will inform you about it up front, so we can all make the necessary adjustments. The end goal is to come up with a finished product that will exceed your expectations, and that is what we aim to deliver with very few surprises.

The best custom home builders in Scottsdale

The best custom home builders in Scottsdale

Whether you are the future home owner, realtor, or investor, we can promise you that we will pour all our skills, knowledge, experience, and dedication into the project like it was our own. We apply this “owner mentality” on all our projects and believe when we say that it has served all our clients and us extremely well.

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