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Vault Door

This was an old turn of the century vault door used at a bank. Found at the bottom of a flooded basement broken and in bad shape, as soon as we saw it, we knew we had to rescue it. We got to work researching its history and accessing the condition. Right away we knew this project would require an extensive amount of work in order to have the door look the way we desired. After completely replacing the frame of the door, a large amount of body work, paint and pinstriping, we added a modern lockset for convenience. Once again, we were able to breath new life into a piece of Americana Art, built by craftsmen of its day. Quick insight- The first day we were working on the door we noticed something amazing… The door had no welds, none. Instead, the entire door was hot riveted together like a ship from that era. Talk about Craftsmen, our great grandparents were amazing.

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